We are signed up for a birding class, and the first one was last night. I think it’s going to be fun. I’m a little worried that I just want to know the names of the birds who hang around in my backyard and everyone else is captivated by the shorebirds. Shorebirds are great, but they seem more exceptional to me, and I just want to know about the little greenish ones who hop around in my trees.

But we may learn about them, too.

Oh, and here’s something else! Apparently there’s no such thing as a seagull anymore. They’re just gulls. Yeah, I’m not buying that. You can’t just change a word because you want to. Take that, important birding decision makers.

If nothing else, the first lesson at least gave us a deeper understanding of our binoculars.

My head hurts — I think I’m not getting enough sleep — too much Olympics.

Okay — gotta go.


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