Well, then

Flickr has taken it upon itself to upload all the pictures from my phone, and it’s taking it some time. This is actually something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time, so I’m just letting it go ahead. On the one hand, it’s fun to see all those two year old pictures again. On the other, I have some great pictures from the weekend which I guess I will post here tomorrow.

The birding class! We met at the marina. There are a lot of birds down there, and I can now identify a lot of them. I like birds, actually, so I am happy about this. I am particularly fond of the American widgeon (what a great name!), although I guess I’m also partial to the not-ruddy-at-all ruddy duck and the rather beautiful scaup — what a pretty duck. And we also saw a Pacific loon, and a lonely burrowing owl. Oh, and a lot of grebes. And I can now tell a white crowned from a golden crowned sparrow, and I think they are some of the birds I’ve been hearing in my yard.

Sunday I did nothing but sit on the couch in the living room watching the Olympics and knitting a sweater, which some ways up the back I realized was going to be very much too small. So that was all for naught, except that actually, it wasn’t, because I ripped it out and started it again in a better size. I have been knitting long enough now that I don’t get very upset about this sort of thing. Of course, it also takes me about 2 years to knit a sweater, but that’s okay. Oh, and i started watching House of Cards. Delicious.

Monday, I went for a hike with A and J. It was so much fun — I hope I can convince them to go with me again. We went up a mountain and down and it was no big deal. I think 4 years ago I would have found it very difficult, but now it’s just not that big a deal. Encouraging. And I made an enormous pot of lentil soup.

Which reminds me that I’m feeling a little hungry. I do believe it might be time for a little snack.

Happy Tuesday.


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