Camera Roll-25

Okay — the Flickr shakeup has turned up this excellent picture from March, 2012. What lovely clouds!

I have finally figured out how to watch the Olympics, thanks mostly to Maggie. Watch the live broadcast in the mornings. For one thing, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are doing the commentary, and they are fabulous. Not only do they look amazing, but their commentary is lively and knowledgeable. (Here’s an LA Times review.) Also, the morning coverage shows everyone, not just the 6 people NBC has decided you should see. I much prefer that. I’d like to do the editing myself. Also, staying up to midnight is just not really feasible generally.

I’m also thinking that maybe the some sports are best read about. Consider, for instance, this opening sentence in a NYT article about the biathalon:

Coaches for Norway’s men’s biathlon team fanned out around the track for the 15-kilometer mass start race Tuesday afternoon with much of the equipment you would need for a really good bank heist.

In fact, a lot of the NYT Sochi coverage has been pretty lively.

So — there’s my advice. You can thank me later.


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