Under the weather

I’m sick!

I’m as shocked as you are.

I always have this debate with myself — how sick is sick enough to stay home? I think I make the cut this time. I have a sore throat, a barking couch, chills and weird achey pains. Still, I’m upright. I could loll about on the couch watching television, but realistically am more likely to spend the morning rounding up winter clothes for a snowshoeing trip this weekend. I don’t want to make anyone cry, but our winter clothes live up in the attic waiting for us to bring them down on those few days when we go visit winter.

It’s okay. It makes me cry, too.

But, yes, if I’m well enough to contemplate a trip to the attic, am I really sick enough to stay home? Although, I will note that I have not made it up to the attic yet, and also, won’t staying home increase my chances of feeling better on Saturday? I don’t think I’d really want to go snowshoeing if I felt like I do today . . .

Just coughed. I am sick.

I think I’m anonymous enough to mention this here — someone I happen to know is planning to take a sabbatical this summer to go off and do research for a novel she’s writing. I think this is very exciting. I think we should all be writing novels, but I think this person might actually do it.

All right. I think I need to go lie down now.

Also — it rained all night. Wonderful.

6 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. My dad is an MD and my mom is an RN. Their standard for allowing me to stay home sick was either a temp of 100 or more or actively puking or having diarrhea. Otherwise off to school I went.

  2. After Walker skipped a grade and started not-hating school, I used to encourage my kids to stay home when they felt crummy. They hardly ever would; they were driven. Anyway, if you’re not sure, you should stay home and keep the virus from spreading.

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