summer plans

Summer seems impossible.

Part of the problem is that part of it needs to be spent with family members, and getting anything planned is proving difficult. The thing is, too, that I could so easily think of 10,000 amazing things to do with that time. There are two events a week apart. This is what I want to do in between.

  • Rent a cabin on the St Lawrence river
  • Go to Toronto
  • Go hiking in the Adirondacks
  • Go to one of those parts of canada that have no roads. Go there in a canoe.

Hmm. Maybe it’s not impossible — maybe if we planned it the balky family members would come alone? Who knows — anything is possible.

3 thoughts on “summer plans

  1. That’s a lot to pack into just one week, especially your fourth bullet point. You may not have enough time to actually do all those in terms of just getting there.

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