Point Reyes

And Sunday, I went birding at Point Reyes and saw poppies and sky lupins and irises. And birds.

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It was lovely.

I should really get a better camera . . .

Off to Arizona tonight with my daughter N to drive my mother and her dog to Denver, where we hand them off to my sister who will then drive them home to Massachusetts.

It’s the summer of the road trip — let the games begin!

By the bay

Saturday I spent most of the day at home, and then around 7 I went out for a quick walk along the bay, by what I suspect is where the homeless people live.

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The sun sets later now, so this is possible.



There is nothing to say, except that it is really springy here! Roses blooming everywhere!

Those of you who have just been snowed upon may not want to hear this, I know.

My back yard is like paradise, though.

That is all.