The graduation

M graduated from college!

Okay, so we flew to Ohio. We’d rented a lake cottage for K, N, my mother, and me, and it was lovely — especially sweet for my mother and me, since I grew up spending summers at my grandmother’s lake cottage in Minnesota (and my mother grew up spending summers at her grandmother’s cottage in Minnesota) and it felt just like that.

Camera Roll-2877

Let me try to remember what happened.

Thursday, N and I packed. This was not documented in photographs. My mother arrived, and she, K and I had dinner with the Non-Necromancers which was really fun. They are really good cooks — Mr. NN makes a mean brussels sprout, and Ms an absolutely deadly apple cake. Surprisingly, this was not documented either.

Friday was the baccalaureate service, and also my mother’s birthday. (Nice tie, K!)

Camera Roll-2883

Camera Roll-2884

We continued to try to pack M’s room.

Camera Roll-2881

We returned to the cottage, eventually, where we barbecued and made salads. This was actually great — we’d thought we should do something with M’s roommates and friends and their parents but in the end that never came together. We had wine and cheese with them all before dinner at M’s house, which was perfect, and then just the 5 of us had dinner and birthday cake at the cottage. Hard to explain but that quiet evening felt exactly right.

That night M’s boyfriend A flew in, quite late.

The next morning K’s brother N and family arrived from Pennsylvania (and I have no pictures of them — I think because the ceremony was inside which sort of threw everyone off).

M graduated.

Here, this is the sort of picture I have —

Camera Roll-2887

Camera Roll-2888

Camera Roll-2892

We then had a lovely dinner somewhere in the middle of rural Ohio (really, and oddly, there was a fancy restaurant right in the middle of rural Ohio). This, too, undocumented. (You can imagine the pictures we would have taken of a third child’s graduation, had we had a third child.)

Here are a few more pictures from the cabin on our way out the next morning —

M and A

Camera Roll-2897

M and N

Camera Roll-2901

All but me (my mother having already flown away) —

Camera Roll-2905

And that was it —

Congratulations, M! You did it!


4 thoughts on “The graduation

  1. Congratulations to M! And also to you and K for raising interesting young women who are such a credit to you. So many happy memories and so many exciting things to look forward to in the future.

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