The trip

So then we drove home.

We went to Chicago —

Camera Roll-2907

We stayed over with some friends in Iowa City and dropped K off at the Des Moines airport, then headed up to South Dakota. I like South Dakota, probably because it reminds me of North Dakota.

Camera Roll-2911

Camera Roll-2912

Then Wyoming,

Camera Roll-2913

Camera Roll-2914

Camera Roll-2915

Camera Roll-2916

Camera Roll-2917

Then quickly through Idaho, Utah, Nevada and California.

It’s very pretty out there.

We listened to Bossypants, and lots of episodes of This American Life. It sort of felt like we were in an episode of This American Life after a while. Idaho and Utah were very beautiful, but I am sad to say that Nevada remains the most boring state ever — possibly because by then we were on 80, which is possibly the most boring road ever. It was great to pass over the border in to California, and then suddenly we were at Lake Tahoe and it felt like home.

33 years ago K and I crossed that border, months after I myself graduated, and at that point that crossing felt completely unfamiliar and horrifying. I really did moan, as is reported in family lore, that I couldn’t believe I was going to live in a state that had the wrong kind of trees. They really aren’t eastern trees. It was a little odd to repeat that part of the trip to find that those trees now seem so familiar — they certainly seem like home to the girls.

Very very odd, indeed.


6 thoughts on “The trip

  1. I so get having kids who are native to a state you yourself still don’t feel entirely at home in, except for those moments when the familiarity blindsides you…

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