Summer plans

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It’s been such a busy summer so far. People have been coming and going.

N and I have planted a garden, which is actually growing. Having two people to water it seems to make success more likely. We have plans to make a palatial compost bin out of pallets.

Our house is still full of the boxes that came home from college with M. My goal is to get them out of the dining room before she goes away again.

Other plans include some hikes, some garden entertaining, some travel —

M has been in New York this past weekend, and suddenly I would love to go to New York. N wants to visit a friend in Los Angeles and suddenly I want to go there, too.

We’ve got plans to go places we normally go, and that will be fun, but suddenly I want to go places I normally don’t go and do things I usually don’t do.

Also, I would like some cake.

4 thoughts on “Summer plans

      • At the risk of sounding rather flash, it was flying over Sweden on the way to Japan that made me want to drop down here for a few days. I don’t usually live life in the fast lane, so am not at all blasé about it I promise.

      • I can imagine that. I’ll bet it’s very beautiful from the air. It is certainly beautiful from the sea — I went there once, briefly — N and I took a ferry from Helsinki one December and arrived in Stockholm at dawn — lots and lots and lots of islands with little red houses on them. I’d love to go back. It should be really beautiful at this time of year!

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