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It was kind of a nice morning, today, although here it is nearly lunchtime . . .

I think it’s because I had a few errands to run on my way to work. I watered the garden and then walked a different way, stopping by the drugstore (new dental floss!) and the post office before catching my bus up to campus. The newly redone Quaker church is close to reopening, and they’ve done a nice job. A house is being renovated, with new paint, a nice new fence, and sleeping porch windows that will open (hmm). The postman was friendly to a visiting two year old. A blind man sat opposite me on the bus, reading a braille book, his black lab tucked patiently under the seat with his head resting on the man’s shoe. And I still got in early.

I’m leaving early, too, to go home and work on the new compost bin with N.

M. feeling newly emboldened by her successful trip to NY, has plans for her future. She wants to work in a print shop, or perhaps become a butcher.

It all seems okay, and that’s just fine.


3 thoughts on “Morning

  1. I have a feeling that somewhere in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn there is a single business that is both a print shop and a butcher. If not, there probably will be soon.

  2. Around here, the small local farmers would love to be able to take their animals to a local butcher, rather than a large meat processing plant. I heard some of them discussing how they’d named some of the animals despite knowing that they were “for the table.” So perhaps a few would like a sketch or a printed “before” photo of Bossy from the butcher, for remembrance.

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