Let the summer begin

Camera Roll-2855

Ok, guys, it’s really and truly summer, now — although we have been acting like it is all along.

For my birthday, the four of us, plus A, went on a long hike. I realized, as we were walking along through the dappled sunlight on a foresty trail, that that was the perfect thing to do. Everyone was there, various groups of people combining and recombining, N and M often walking ahead talking to each other. It was perfect.

Then a few people came over for a bonfire. We did have mussels and homemade fancy drinks, chocolate cake and homemade ice cream and other wonderful salady things.

It was pretty great.

And now we’re into it. We leave at the end of the week for the wandering memorial tour — our trip back to Pittsburgh and NY State to remember K’s parents (there will be a party in each place for friends and family in each place). I think it will be fun, actually — we’ll stay across the street from a big community farm in Pittsburgh, and then on one of the Finger Lakes, and then on another lake near the tiny town where K’s mother grew up. And then we’ll spend a few days in Maine before flying back.

Let the games begin!

[Cake from IKEA, of course, because what birthday is complete without a trip to IKEA — even better, two!? We’ve been building better shelves in M’s room — no more hideous piles of books on the floor!]


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