Then Texas

Ok, so after Maine (and Massachusetts), I flew to Texas for my annual librarian conference.

iphone photos 2886

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected. In the first place, there were interesting ducks in the silly river that runs through town. I think they’re Mexican mallards.

Secondly, I ate some reasonable food, and thirdly, the conference itself was much better than expected. I had a program on the schedule which went really well (no thanks to me, believe me. I just picked the speakers.)

Lastly, one of the vendors put on a party out of town at a ranch. It was so much fun — I’d really wanted to get out of town and see what the place looks like, and this was my chance.

iphone photos 2898

Also, I got to meet a longhorn.

iphone photos 2889

Can you tell that I was scared of her? I was — look at those enormous and very pointy horns!

Also, everyone was very nice. It’s interesting, because I come from a place with a large Hispanic population, and Texas is also a place with a large Hispanic population, but it felt a little different. Contrary to what you might expect, people were not at all shy about speaking Spanish and they didn’t seem surprised if you did or did not speak Spanish to them — Spanish seemed more mainstream, actually, which was unexpected. I mean, my opinions about Texas come almost exclusively from reading about the nutty things their governor says, so it’s not surprising that the 25 inhabitants of the state that I met were not like him. Still, surprising. And pleasant.


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