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It’s a little sweet — I think you could get by without that last brown sugar, or certainly with less. And the B and B is lovely, too! It’s in Bath, Maine. We stayed there after 3 nights in a dusty/moldy lake cottage and it felt like we had been transported on a fluffy cloud to heaven, with a great shower and a clean bed. (I think they had been to B and B school, because it was one of the most well-run B and B’s I’d ever been to.)

(And I did not add the spelt flakes or the soy protein powder, either.)

Home again

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Girls are home again, but now it is not long at all until they really go away.

I confess I am kind of starting to flip out, slightly.

I ordered some chargers for M. That seemed like the right thing to do.

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Sunday hike


I really didn’t want to, but I knew that I should, so I forced myself to go on a hike.


It is so very dry, now. It feels like fall, but more so. The grass on the hills is beyond parched — it’s sort of missing. You can see how low the reservoir is, too.

The path along the reservoir is nice, though. It’s shaded and pretty. imageIt was around here that I was absolutely sure that a mountain lion was watching me. It’s not a crazy thought, actually — there are certainly some around. They use the trails, too, although usually at night when no people are around. But it got very still — I heard no birds and I realized that there was a big rock above the trail — if I was a mountain lion, that’s where I would be sleeping. image imageAlso, I was alone, which was dumb. I have this conflict about the wilderness. I’m glad it exists, and in theory, I would even like to experience it. In actual fact, though, I do not want to be alone when I run into a mountain lion. I don’t know — maybe if I’d grown up in the wilderness I’d feel more at home in it. image By the time I got here I could hear cars again, and I was pretty sure the mountain lion was not following me. Apparently, they really would rather eat deer. (Hmm.) image
Next time, I’m going with people.

Anyway. I came home and made dinner and now I’m taking a bath and going to bed.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch —


Wow — we are home alone for the first time in — I don’t know, months? And, in fact, K has gone to work so I am home alone all by myself.

I spent a few hours in bed exploring the internet, and now I’ve made it to the kitchen, where I’m spending another hour drinking a cup of coffee. That’s as far as I’ve made it.

And now I may just be ready to do something, but what?

I think I may need to eat breakfast and ponder that a while further.

It does seem like it may be a very nice day outside.

I am feeling extremely sorry for myself, actually, because I am not at the beach. M is in NY with the boyfriend. They spent the past two days with a friend of M’s from grade school. The friend and the  boyfriend like each other — that’s very good news.  N is drifting around somewhere — she was just canoeing in Utah. It’s not that I haven’t been anywhere, because I have, but I don’t think I had that necessary vacation experience of waking up with an endless stretch of time ahead and a body of water nearby. 

Anyway, I guess I’ll call my mother-do some laundry-water the garden-go to the grocery store-take a small hike-read a book-build the new compost bin-  one of those things. Or maybe plan something fun — maybe that’s what I need to do.


Hmm. I’ll ponder this further over a bowl of excellent granola with a few blueberries.


Happy weekend!

The story here

2014-05-11 07.45.53

Here’s another photo of my grandmother, My mother is to the viewer’s right, and I’m to the left, and that’s N on my lap and M on my mother’s.

I think we’ve just moved in. My grandmother thought the house was a terrible extravagance (as it was — houses cost a lot here, and not as much in North Dakota.) She’d been on a cruise and had fallen, and only wanted to go home. My mother was trying to convince her to stay.  She stayed, but pretty much refused to leave that spot in front of the heater. (How — something — that this momentous event, the four generations picture, should need to be taken in front of that awful heater, with all of us in our coats.)

I think I may have posted this before — N and M are holding on to Ernie and Big Bird magnets — we still have that Big Bird magnet.

That was around 20 years ago.

Unrelatedly, phew! It’s the weekend.


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Oh dear.

It’s a day.

I rushed around this morning to clean up for the cleaners.

There was a meeting this morning at work, and there’s a shower this afternoon. I’m afraid I forgot to bring anything in all the rush. But I think other people did, so that might be okay.

It’s a day of small annoyances.

I do like this thistle, though.

So —

Let’s see.

Older child off canoeing the Green River.

Younger child off to points east before heading really far east (which is west of us, interestingly.)

House a disaster due to nobody being around when houseguest arrives and proceeds to spend three days in the kitchen, wearing striped pajamas and writing a brief.

What next?



What a treat it is that I’m not going anywhere this weekend.

I don’t even know what to do, so I think I’ll sit here and read a book. Eventually I will try to revive the garden. I imagine there will be trips to the camping store for M. Travel is apparently a lot like camping in the equipment required. And apparently an old friend is sleeping here this weekend, which is unfortunate because N’s bed is currently covered in boxes. I guess we should empty and get rid of them — but mostly I’m just going to try to remember what it is I do in real life.

I’m excited about the garden. It turns out you really can’t go away and leave your garden for a month. We’ll have some tomatoes soon, and there was kale but a deer ate it (I saw him). Mostly, though, I think I need to spread more compost and move into fall. I’m thinking about mounds of color in the front yard.


Last days

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Suddenly, M is leaving in less than a week for the east coast. She’ll be back, but then it will be a matter of days before she’s off on her big trip. And after that, she’ll move to a new city. We’ll see her at Christmas, she says.

I guess I can go visit her before that, but still it seems like it’s all happening very fast.

Meanwhile, she’s up in her bedroom, painting . . .