What a treat it is that I’m not going anywhere this weekend.

I don’t even know what to do, so I think I’ll sit here and read a book. Eventually I will try to revive the garden. I imagine there will be trips to the camping store for M. Travel is apparently a lot like camping in the equipment required. And apparently an old friend is sleeping here this weekend, which is unfortunate because N’s bed is currently covered in boxes. I guess we should empty and get rid of them — but mostly I’m just going to try to remember what it is I do in real life.

I’m excited about the garden. It turns out you really can’t go away and leave your garden for a month. We’ll have some tomatoes soon, and there was kale but a deer ate it (I saw him). Mostly, though, I think I need to spread more compost and move into fall. I’m thinking about mounds of color in the front yard.



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