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2014-05-11 07.45.53

Here’s another photo of my grandmother, My mother is to the viewer’s right, and I’m to the left, and that’s N on my lap and M on my mother’s.

I think we’ve just moved in. My grandmother thought the house was a terrible extravagance (as it was — houses cost a lot here, and not as much in North Dakota.) She’d been on a cruise and had fallen, and only wanted to go home. My mother was trying to convince her to stay.  She stayed, but pretty much refused to leave that spot in front of the heater. (How — something — that this momentous event, the four generations picture, should need to be taken in front of that awful heater, with all of us in our coats.)

I think I may have posted this before — N and M are holding on to Ernie and Big Bird magnets — we still have that Big Bird magnet.

That was around 20 years ago.

Unrelatedly, phew! It’s the weekend.

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