Meanwhile, back at the ranch —


Wow — we are home alone for the first time in — I don’t know, months? And, in fact, K has gone to work so I am home alone all by myself.

I spent a few hours in bed exploring the internet, and now I’ve made it to the kitchen, where I’m spending another hour drinking a cup of coffee. That’s as far as I’ve made it.

And now I may just be ready to do something, but what?

I think I may need to eat breakfast and ponder that a while further.

It does seem like it may be a very nice day outside.

I am feeling extremely sorry for myself, actually, because I am not at the beach. M is in NY with the boyfriend. They spent the past two days with a friend of M’s from grade school. The friend and the  boyfriend like each other — that’s very good news.  N is drifting around somewhere — she was just canoeing in Utah. It’s not that I haven’t been anywhere, because I have, but I don’t think I had that necessary vacation experience of waking up with an endless stretch of time ahead and a body of water nearby. 

Anyway, I guess I’ll call my mother-do some laundry-water the garden-go to the grocery store-take a small hike-read a book-build the new compost bin-  one of those things. Or maybe plan something fun — maybe that’s what I need to do.


Hmm. I’ll ponder this further over a bowl of excellent granola with a few blueberries.


Happy weekend!


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