Sunday hike


I really didn’t want to, but I knew that I should, so I forced myself to go on a hike.


It is so very dry, now. It feels like fall, but more so. The grass on the hills is beyond parched — it’s sort of missing. You can see how low the reservoir is, too.

The path along the reservoir is nice, though. It’s shaded and pretty. imageIt was around here that I was absolutely sure that a mountain lion was watching me. It’s not a crazy thought, actually — there are certainly some around. They use the trails, too, although usually at night when no people are around. But it got very still — I heard no birds and I realized that there was a big rock above the trail — if I was a mountain lion, that’s where I would be sleeping. image imageAlso, I was alone, which was dumb. I have this conflict about the wilderness. I’m glad it exists, and in theory, I would even like to experience it. In actual fact, though, I do not want to be alone when I run into a mountain lion. I don’t know — maybe if I’d grown up in the wilderness I’d feel more at home in it. image By the time I got here I could hear cars again, and I was pretty sure the mountain lion was not following me. Apparently, they really would rather eat deer. (Hmm.) image
Next time, I’m going with people.

Anyway. I came home and made dinner and now I’m taking a bath and going to bed.


3 thoughts on “Sunday hike

  1. We went out to Apple Valley Lake on Saturday, because even though it wasn’t quite warm enough to swim in an Ohio lake, it was not raining. Yesterday Eleanor said she was feeling her abdominal muscles, because we were in some inflatable chairs and she was holding herself up out of the cold lake water the whole time. It is quite green here, as it’s the rare day that we don’t get any rain. You should come back to Apple Valley some other summer.

  2. Now you see, this is where you are different from me. If I had thought there was even the remotest possibility of encountering a mountain lion I would not have taken that walk alone, or in company.
    Oddly enough I did dream that a pride of lions was advancing up my garden from a gap in the trees where I had recently had some felling done. I thought it served me right for opening up the view to the sea. Very chilly here all of a sudden.

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