Another Sunday

Camera Roll-48

Went for another hike in the dry dry hills above the town.

Let’s see — what’s the news from this end-of-summer long-weekend.

Camera Roll-50

It’s the last week before N goes off to Peru. I am quite proud of her/I am a little worried/I’m sure she’ll be fine.

We’re watching the Ken Burns Civil War series, which I’m sure originally aired before she was born. I think we can probably get through the whole thing before she goes. I’m not sure it seems as impressive as it did the first time around. I think we’d like more about the build-up. The pictures are great, and I have a better appreciation of what an ass McClellan was — but also a better appreciation of just how rare a thing a good general must be. Anyway — we’re not quite halfway through, but it doesn’t seem quite as revolutionary as it seemed the first time around — maybe because it actually influenced the way documentaries are made and now we’re used to that style.

Camera Roll-51

Otherwise . . . I’m kind of looking forward to the fall. I’m planning a few adventures, local and otherwise. I’m hoping it will rain. I’m looking forward to resuming the cleaning out of the closets.

I’m trying not to think too much about putting N on a plane next Tuesday at 6 AM . . .


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