Camera Roll-130

It’s fall here — I saw my first pumpkin spider on my way home a few days ago.

I don’t really like spiders (but I never kill them), but I do have a sort of seasonally-induced fondness for these. They get bigger and bigger until about Halloween, after which they disappear, and they like to stretch their webs across pathways. You walk into them on the way home, and then again the next morning on your way out. That’s just the way it is.

It also rained last night.

I’ve started going to the gym again. I’m feeling very virtuous and also really hungry. I think we’re having meatloaf tonight. My meatloaf, which is the only one worth eating, consists of a pound or so of hamburger, plus an egg and a handful of breadcrumbs, seasoned salt and pepper, and — here’s the good part — a green pepper roughly chopped and a reasonable amount of gruyere cheese, roughly cubed. Mix it all up and put it in a loaf pan. Do not top with that dismal tomato paste/brown sugar paste my mother loves so much. Bake it for an hour or so at 350. It’s good with baked potatoes and a vegetable of some sort.

Gosh I’m hungry.


2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. No, no. No green pepper in meatloaf (gah as if), and no cheese either. You should be mixing in a healthy dollop of horseradish. No tomato crap on the top and no bacon either. Kids these days!

    • Hmm. the horseradish sounds good — I will consider this. In complete agreement about the tomato crap. Never considered bacon, but yes, I think not. (The pepper and cheese are delicious!)

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