More autumn

Camera Roll-141

I took this picture to illustrate what an overgrown mess our house is, but looking at it I am overcome by feelings of fondness.

Okay, those huge australian shrubs can really go — I see that. And those shingles have surely seen better days and someone ought to sweep the porch. The wires are terrible and everything is looking a little dry. It’s September, after all.

I’m fond of you, house.


14 thoughts on “More autumn

  1. You do have a B-town classic there, dontcha! Hardly surprising that you’ve grown fond of it and I bet it’s nice to feel that way (and to reflect back on where you were before!)


    • Muddling along mostly–it is a pleasant start to fall, isn’t it! I’m envious of your bird walks, but plan to get out a bit more myself before long.

  2. Shingles look fine to me. Also, are you going to rural Kansas to knit mittens this fall? Also, I am moving to Scotland. Come visit!

  3. Wait, what? Lynn? You are moving to Scotland? WHEN? I’m thinking about the mittens — and yes, Elizabeth, I think it is an American four square — it’s something that’s just a basic early 1900s house. It’s one of three triplets in a row on my street, but it’s also very much like the house my mother grew up in and other houses you see all over the place.

  4. I like your red sash windows and the shingles. Are they cedar? Do the Eucalyptus (? ) shrubs give welcome shade or make the downstairs quite dark? I can see why you are fond of this house.

    • I think they’re more pittosporum or something — probably intended to be well-behaved shrubs more than trees, but grown past that point by the time we came along. (In fact, they would be nice as shrubs.) The house faces east, so we don’t really need the shade, and there’s a camelia to the left that gives some (probably enough) privacy to the porch. Yes, cedar shingles — some now eaten by the sun. Thank you!

      • How funny. We have a pittosporum in the back garden which grew from shrub to tall tree and has clematis growing through it. It can stay because it gives us privacy from next door but it’s a bit unruly.

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