A recommended book

We saw a shrike last sunday —

The Butcher bird, or Red-backed shrike,
Should not be trusted with your bike.
The pump and light he whips away,
And takes the spokes to spike his prey.

According to my brother-in-law, “The poet is James Fenton. The poem is delivered somewhere deep inside the pages of Into the Heart of Borneo, way upriver, at a drunken party in which spontaneous performance is required of guests. You would enjoy that book.”

Ours was a loggerhead shrike, but still something to see.

4 thoughts on “A recommended book

  1. “The environmentalist Tim Flannery, meanwhile, admits to being ‘a little scared of Redmond at times, especially of being in the bush with him. On our last adventure on the Hawkesbury River near Sydney, we were kayaking when we almost lost him to a quaking pit of bottomless mud, after he inexplicably upset his kayak. “I’m sunk up to my failing penis,” he moaned over and over as I tried to haul him in.'”

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