Sandhill cranes

The last birding class outing was this weekend — we drove to Lodi to see the Sandhill Cranes. What a lovely sound they make, and it’s very loud — you can hear birds which seem very far overhead as they fly past. (You can hear them on the page I’ve linked.) It was a great trip — we saw a northern shrike, an American pipit, a phalarope, tons of hawks, thousands of Canada and Cackling geese. The cranes were mostly moving around on slightly higher ground, so as you looked across a flooded field you’d see them moving in the background, like pale dinosaurs in a diorama at a natural history museum.

The Delta was beautiful — it was a gorgeous sunny day after a previous day of rain, so the air was fresh, the water was sparkling, and the trees were turning bright colors. It was great to be outside in a wild place. I’m glad I’m going back next weekend with some friends. I’m sad my birding class has come to an end.


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