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I think the time change has made me tired, which is odd. I find my self exhausted at 7:30, but then unable to really go to sleep until after 11 and then up at 4:45.

In other news, two families on bicycles passed me on my way to work this morning. That’s a nice thing. In the wake of the most recent election, I am glad to live in a place where it is perfectly normal to ride your bike to work and to vote for a sustainable downtown, an increased minimum wage and a tax on soda, and for a governor who is not a ranting loon.

Also, I’m ready for it to be winter. I want to be inside, reading books and baking things. Or else outside in the cold. In any case — winter. Speaking of winter, M is flying to Montreal today! She’s making all kinds of plans — we’ll see what happens. But I can certainly visit winter there —

And we’re heading off to see the cranes again this weekend. I’m torn between wanting to be outside all the time looking at cranes and wanting to be home, putting things in order.

I’m reading this and this. Both Japanese, and both about putting things in order. I’d recommend either one.


3 thoughts on “Tired

  1. I’m reading your second one too! Quite an epiphany. I have embarked on some major changes despite raising all sorts of objections to it when I first started reading. I am not a great one for self help manuals. The time change has affected me badly too. Worse than ever this year. I commiserate.

    • I haven’t finished it yet, which is my excuse for not collection all my clothing and throwing out 2/3 of it. And I think the time change gets worse every year — I blame it on age.

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