Lucy on quilt

Our beautiful Lucy died yesterday.


She was 20, a pretty respectable age for a cat.


She had five kittens when she was about 1. Here she is with Jim, her son.


She was the terror of the neighborhood when she was young, but in recent years had settled in to sedate old lady-hood. She woke us up around 6 for a bit of cream, and then she’d go out and sit in the sun on the porch. She was rather personable, in a dignified way. She was never a pest, but she liked to have people around. She was also the softest cat in the world. She did not like dogs, and defended the sidewalk in front of our house from their foul presence. She could be quite fierce. It feels very lonely in our house without her.


Goodbye, Lucy!

9 thoughts on “Lucy

  1. I’m so sad for you – twenty years is a long time to share your life. I think that she is not far away – perhaps in that sunny spot on the porch or beside you when you read.

  2. I’m sorry. They leave a big hole when they go and twenty years is a big chunk of your life. They are so much a feature of the day with their habits and favourite places to sit and hang out. We still miss Rodgers – my husband especially.

  3. She was quite beautiful and fierce and dignified in her old age, when I met her.
    It’s hard, losing a cat. We were skyping with Eleanor yesterday and mentioned something that we could do now that we no longer live with Chester, our cat who died last winter. There was a pause, and then all three of us said “and we won’t have to double-wrap the presents and tape up all the corners” because Chester liked to open presents early, with his teeth.

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