Oooh. Are you listening to This American Life’s Serial?

First of all, it’s incredibly compelling, and it also feels very dangerous — it’s a series of podcasts looking into a 15 year old murder, in which a high school student was murdered and her ex-boyfriend was sent to prison for that murder, and a family friend of that ex-boyfriend has asked a journalist to look into the story, and she does — but it’s real — it’s about real people, which you sort of forget.

Ok, here are my thoughts after episode 8, in which we finally look at Jay — on whose testimony Adnan (ex-boyfriend) was sent to jail. I totally think Adnan did it, and I did not before. Jay was just this black hole until this episode, and finally hearing from him what actually happened clicks — she was murdered in the library parking lot, which is why Adnan was seen in the library.

We’re only halfway in, so I’m sure we’ll learn more, but at this very moment, that’s what I think.

That’s all I got —


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