Bird count


I got up really, really early this weekend to do the Christmas bird count.

It was fun. I noticed three birds — a chickadee, a brown creeper and a horned grebe — that no one else had. I suspect someone else would have seen them if I hadn’t, although maybe not. We saw lots of varied thrushes, which are very pretty and make an odd spoingy sound.

It was very pleasant to be walking through the woods counting birds. The guy we were with knew them all by their sounds. That’s what I’ll work on next.



5 thoughts on “Bird count

  1. I’d like to know birds by their songs. Around here, though, you can only hear them from April to October. Otherwise, we’ve got cardinals and a bunch of the little brown kind Mary Poppins calls “sparrers.”

  2. A suggestion, if you are so inclined. Get the Merlin Bird ID app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It has been a huge help to me with bird counts for the wildlife habitat.

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