We drove to Arizona, picked up the surplus Ford Focus, and head out for Montreal.

We spent a night in New Mexico.

We stopped in Texas,


to stretch our legs —


The moon was full. Here it is rising in Oklahoma (where we ate a wonderful meal at Kitchen 324).


We spent a night in Little Rock, bought a jacket in Memphis,


crossed Tennessee, slept in Bristol, Virginia and then headed north through Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.


We slept at my sister’s in Connecticut, and then drove east to Massachusetts.


(This is in New Bedford, and I am confusingly pointed west. I’m on my way to the RMV.)

From there, we went north to Boston and on to Montreal.

What a splendid city! Snowy and cold and still people are out and about. I saw a few of the sights, spent a night, and then took a flight back the way I’d come.

10 thoughts on “Travels

  1. wow–quite a trip you had! Lucky you seem to have avoided all that truly nasty weather they’ve had in the midwest and east! Good for you!

    • Yes, I think we may have just missed some nasty weather. And Montreal is wonderful — I am trying to figure out how I can move there, too. People walk around town with skiis! People snowshoe through the park!

      • yes–I’m with you on those points and still wish it snowed here at least once or twice a year! I was last in Montreal at age 8, I think. We caught Expo ’67 in 1968!

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