A blog I read said this, recently:

I absolutely love this time of year: the crisp cold, the white skies, the sense of clarity and energy after the velvet-luxury, over-indulgent, laziness of Christmas. It makes me want to run, to clean, to sing, and to organise.

I feel the same way, although I will admit feeling frustrated by a) not living in a place with winter (oh, my sad winter-pining. I know it’s just me. I don’t blame the lovely town I live in. I am not being contrary — I just really like winter. I’m good at cold weather. I love snow. I love driving in snow. I like when life is a little bit difficult physically. I love a period when things are not growing. and your eyes can rest. Coming back here where it never gets so cold you can’t smell things saddens me. I’m like an apple tree –I need winter.) and b) I’m barely back from Montreal and we need to go down to Arizona to pick up the car I left there at the beginning of our odyssey.

But I am feeling energetic and in the mood for organizing.

I think it will be a fun trip to Arizona. I’ll see the relatives there, eat good things, hopefully go for a hike, and then we’ll drive home and I’ll dive right in. I am looking forward to it.


One thought on “January

  1. So cold you can’t smell things–yes, that bothers me a lot. This is the time of year I sometimes buy scented hand soap, just so there’s a nice smell or two in my day. I’m allergic (both physically to some and psychically to most) highly scented products like candles or even perfume, but a little scented soap every once in a while wakes me up from the endless nothingness of winter in the north.

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