The goods


This is some of what I hauled back from my grandmother’s apartment this weekend. These she inherited — or, they were in the first condo she bought in AZ, and we contrived to keep them by replacing them with some other less charming dishes from my mother’s condo when my grandmother sold the first one to buy the second. Apparently, sometimes, you have to leave a set of china in a condo when you sell it — except we didn’t this time, so I’m not exactly sure of the rules. In any case, they’re Finnish, and I’m the one who liked them, so I got them.


The colorful stack in the center is the china my grandmother had for everyday use as long as I can remember, which is certainly why there are so few left. I remember eating a lot of toast with peanut butter from those plates. Although we never spent much time at her house. It was a place we stopped on the way to the lake cottage, where, if I’m not mistaken, we ate off Royal Copenhagen — or something like it. Hard to imagine my grandmother buying something expensive for the lake — maybe it, too, came from somewhere else? I do wonder where it went. Possibly to my aunt by way of my uncle? My uncle, who could not swim, was inexplicably the one who inherited the lake cottage.

But back to the Royal Copenhagen, again I’m not exactly sure of the rules. It’s a vanished world.

I don’t know where the glass plates came from, but I know she liked them.


There, don’t the thistley ones look nice in my kitchen?


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