Goblets — the mystery deepens


I emptied the box today. There are sixteen wholly other wine glasses. I don’t even know where to put them.

But of these, there are eight of the ones with the apple — those are surely for ice cream or sherbet or some sort of dessert. There are 10 of the little ones — sherry? And then 4 of the larger ones. K suggests fizzy water. They really do seem to need some kind of elaborate party. I think they were a wedding gift, and I believe the wedding was in 1934.

I think my grandmother was equally puzzled by them — I’m sure I never saw them being used.

They are pretty, though.


9 thoughts on “Goblets — the mystery deepens

  1. That is exactly the kind of thing one gets as a wedding gift: puzzling unusable things! I say fill them full of sea glass and put them in a window. Or just drink anything you want out of them.

  2. Those look like my grandmother’s crystal; she got married in 1928, I think. They would have been, from left to right: champagne saucer, wine goblet, water goblet. It wasn’t until fairly recently that we started making champagne flutes. Before that, it was always a saucer. The better to slosh you with, my dear.

  3. I resist the idea that these are wine glasses. The stems on wine glasses serve the practical function that they allow the glass to be gripped without touching the bowl. Ideally, wine should be served at a temperature below room temperature (more so for reds than whites) and touching the bowl would raise this temperature faster.
    From left to right, I would be more inclined to label them this way: sherbet glass, juice glass, tumbler.

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