Heather Ross


I’ve been reading Heather Ross’s memoir, How to catch a Frog.

First of all, I love Heather Ross — my kids were just the right age when she started her clothing company, Munki Munki. I never bought any of the clothing, but did end up with some fabric (which probably became available after the collapse of her company, I now know) — I made pajamas for N out of those mermaids above.

You can see more of her old fabrics here, and she’s got a website. (M’s pajamas below.)


She’s a person I’ve always wanted to know more about — her fabrics seem kind of autobiographical. I’d heard somewhere that they were based on memories of her childhood growing up in Vermont.


It’s an interesting story. Born around 1970. Raised with a twin sister by hippy back-to-the-landers in Vermont, which is exactly as hard a life as you might expect, first in a dome and then in a cold 2 room school house. And she writes well, and is pretty insightful — she describes pretty clearly her parents’ short-comings, but is pretty sympathetic about where those short-comings may have come from. Plus, like her fabrics she’s just kind of likeable. And the book is illustrated.

Worth reading.



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