Out walking


So, it was a long weekend, and what did I do? I can’t even remember.

Laundry, I think, and some cooking — certainly that. We watched Thelma and Louise for Valentine’s day (well, not really, but it was on and it was Valentine’s day –) I actually like that movie. I don’t think I saw it when it came out, and the first time I saw it I might have been underwhelmed. But I liked how it’s so clear, in the world of the movie, that there really is no place for them in this world, no matter what Slocumb may think. I love how Geena Davis moves from befuddled to awake and certain. I love the Brad Pitt character, and how Susan Sarendon goes from tidy to free as she discards piece after piece after piece of her former life. I like the scenery, too.

I talked to my mother on the phone. She’s turning 80 this year, and talking about moving out of her big house and into a smaller one. It’s not even clear where — she started talking about San Diego, which seems completely irrational to me. We don’t know anyone in San Diego. Maybe that’s the point? Anyway, it will be very, very hard to say goodbye to that old house.

I went for a couple walks and saw some birds and generally cleaned up a little. We kicked around some vacation plans.

It’s odd. I was very excited to have a weekend empty of all plans, but then it was actually a little boring in actuality. And also, I should definitely begin a massive Marie Kondo tidying effort but I really did not feel like it. Maybe that’s better left for my retirement.

I think this fitness thing, too, is sapping my will to live. I’m hungry, and when I’m hungry I get grumpy. Luckily, I am going out for dinner tonight. thank god — I cannot wait.


6 thoughts on “Out walking

  1. I think Ron feels like that about weekends with no plans–he likes the idea, but then gets bored or spends the whole weekend working. I never like the idea. I have one plan for this weekend, but it will probably get canceled because of the predicted 3-5″ of snow. I can’t complain like someone from Boston, but the twice-weekly inch or two is soul-sapping. Not to mention car-battery-sapping (well, that’s not the snow, that’s the cold).

  2. don’t get me started with Marie Kondo–I can’t bring myself to more than crack her book my sister gave me for Christmas–think she’s trying to give me a hint? šŸ˜‰

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