1. Maggie came to visit!

We went out for a fancy dinner, which was epically fun. It turns out her husband went to school when and where K and I did, and in fact lived across the street from us. Maps were drawn on the table-cloth paper.

2. I have joined this cult — well, it’s actually this kind of intense fitness thing at work which is about more than just fitness. It’s about forming healthy habits a la this guy. It involves things like wellness visions. There is a certain lack of irony involved, which I find difficult, — and yet, there is something to all this. Eating differently makes me hungry, which makes me grumpy, which makes me think about what sorts of feelings I may have been deadening with food. What have I been afraid of?

Joy’s post this morning about Lent (you should read the whole thing) resonates, too —

With our borrowed lives, in our Lent bodies, with our unknown Return dates, consider: What is it you need over the next 40 days to break out of patterns that have become prisons? What do you need in order to arrive at Easter feeling more alive than ever, with a feeling that your life has marked some Xs where once there were dragons?

I am not a religious person in the least, but it’s similar, actually, and it makes me understand Lent — this period of deprivation shakes things lose, makes you question what you thought was true, maybe makes a new way of living possible. So, I am working on my wellness vision and my ideal self and eating lots of kale — which is fine, I really like kale — and exercising, which is also kind of great.

We’ll see what happens.


7 thoughts on “Construction

  1. I feel like I started my Lent a while back and have already come out the other end. I’m hungry and I still don’t like exercise or kale but my closets are tidy!

  2. i’m all for kale, but i confess that this glorious vacation has been all about the food. so much good food. and people – wonderful people!! that said, there is something about the coming of spring – it will, it will – that makes it easier to reset habits.

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