The fitness cult


Ok, so week two (or three) or my cult-like fitness program. How is it going, you ask? It’s pretty great — I am exercising 6 days a week and eating kale like a mofo. Plus we meet with coaches and have lectures about nutrition and tons of support. It’s fucking exhausting, though. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but I think the last time I exercised this much I was 23. I’m in bed by 8:30 and I pretty much sleep like a log. There’s no way I could have done this when the kids were home — it’s almost a full time job by itself. I may have lost a half a pound at most, but with any luck I have turned some fat into muscle. I might be stronger, but honestly I am so tired I can’t really tell. Apparently you have to be careful to eat enough or there’s a danger of permanently resetting your metabolic rate much lower and never ever being able to eat again. So I’m trying to eat enough, which is a little hard when all you’re eating is kale, apples and oatmeal (ok and other stuff). I’m supposed to be feeling an abundance — I’m feeling an abundance, all right. An abundance of pain! (Okay, it’s not that bad.) Anyway. I am good at some things — like lifting weights — and I am bad at others — jumping jacks and running. How I hate running. I always have. I can row and ride a bike all day long but I really hate to run. I am sure I will get better at it, but it is just not my favorite.


9 thoughts on “The fitness cult

  1. You are right about not being able to do it with kids in the house. The exercise component is what’s missing for me. Esp being snowbound (again!). I have these videos but find a million excuses not to do them. I just want to be outside walking, gardening or mowing. I’m not even doing yoga anymore. Blah. I’m glad you are doing this for yourself though it sounds very exhausting.

    • I think it’s the group thing that makes it possible, too, and I would never have had the time when the kids were home. But it feels like we’re on a team of something — a thousand times more motivating than a video, or even going to the gym.

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