I know, but isn’t he a sweet little bird?


Here’s his beak —


And here going the other way —


I had a nice weekend. I went on an REI backcountry map and compass class on Saturday. I learned how to use a compass (turns out I already knew how to read a map, although I did learn some stuff) and went on a lovely hike on a beautiful, clear day — so that was all very fun.

Sunday I cooked lots of foods. We met M in the city, where she was taking a class. The plan was to eat dinner there, but every place we went to was packed — early on a Sunday night! so we came home and ate leftover chili, which was possibly more delicious anyway.

I found out about Microadventures from a guy in my REI class. Neither K nor M seemed to think it would be fun to go sleep outside one night after work and then go back to work the next day, possibly with twigs in your hair. I do!

I saw a fairy slipper orchid on the trail in Mount Tam (exactly the trail described, actually), and a varied thrush at the trailhead. And some shooting stars and milkmaids and some baby blue eyes.

I also found out that my youngest brother is moving to my state, although to the point farthest south. I admit that I’m worried about where he’ll be able to afford to live (really worried, actually), but it might be fun to have him out here. I’m hoping I can persuade him to go on adventures with me. I think he might be willing to go to work with a twig in his hair.

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