Tying things up


M leaves for parts north this week. It has been lovely having her home. It’s been long enough that we’ve got into a groove. I’ll miss her, and it occurs to me that it may be some time before she’s home for a month again.

Although I’m sure it will happen.

My exercise class continues apace. I am really enjoying it. This week is our week off, so we’re supposed to find other ways to exercise than our usual two classes per week. A group of us invaded a circuit training class that meets when we normally meet and that was fun. So I think it is possible that we’ll continue in some form after the class is over, and I’m happy about that — it’s definitely more fun when you’ve got people to exercise with. Especially because my hiking buddy has some kind of hamstring injury that’s preventing her from hiking. I’ve been busy myself, with M here — but once she leaves I’m going to need to find someone to go hiking with. It really isn’t as much fun on your own, not to mention that it’s a lot easier to make myself go when someone’s waiting for me to pick them up.

M and I watched the Outlander on tv. It’s her fault — I was resisting, but she found it and now we’ve watched all that’s available, and now I’m reading the books again. Good lord. Here’s the best review of the books I’ve ever read — My “Outlander” thing.


6 thoughts on “Tying things up

  1. I think that review may have been the one that tipped me over the edge. I confess, though, I’ve only read the first three…

    I love the photo in this post.

      • Also, can you figure out what happened to the writer, Garth McNett, I think? I was hunting around and couldn’t find anything written by him after 2007 or so, which made me curious. I think he may have lived in NJ.

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