What did you do this weekend?


I think I was exhausted. I had Friday off (I work at a university — the kids had the whole week), but I don’t think I did much of anything at all. I went to the gym, and I may have begun the laundry, and we went to see a play with friends — so that’s not really nothing, I guess.


Saturday, I had signed up for a course through REI on Wilderness Something. It was out in Marin County, and I could barely drag myself there, but I did, and it was great. Mostly, I learned that it’s okay to use your common sense and make things up as you go along. It’s actually reassuring to know that that’s an approved technique. Also, if you get lost, do not hide, and hand sanitizer makes a great fire starter. Also, it was wonderful to be outside all day long. The irises are blooming, and they are gorgeous, and I saw a red shouldered hawk and possible a golden eagle.


Sunday, I dragged myself on a hike with a friend. I did not want to go, and I only went because I had made plans with her and it would have been a bad thing to just call her up and bail, but then, of course, it was great! We walked 10 miles in great heat, up and down hills. Totally excellent. Of course, it took a million hours — which was part of why I was so unenthusiastic — but then I got home and finished all the laundry and cleaned up my bedroom and part of the kitchen. Another proof that it’s best not to leave yourself the whole day for chores — you will only be miserable and not do them anyway while eating 50 pounds of Cadbury minieggs. At least I avoided that mistake.

So that’s that.

And now I guess I’d better do some stuff, though I would much rather curl up somewhere and read The Outlander. Oh well — can’t be helped.


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