The wisteria is almost over at my house, but still going strong at this house down the street.

I think I have to go eat some lunch. I am still unable to think about much else besides my fitness regimen. It’s better — it’s definitely better. Just this week, I finally don’t feel so tired. I looked around the room last night, and I think we’re all a lot stronger, too. I think it helps that with M gone, I am no longer tempted to stay up late with her, so I’m getting lots of sleep. I’ve also realized that I have to eat lots of food. So I’m eating lots of food. This is fine — I like lots of food.

See? I really can’t think about anything else.

You know what else, though. I was just rereading this post, and now Easter is here, and halfway through my fitness program we are looking back and making plans to fly on our own after it ends in early May, and look — in that older post and its comments I see my peeps being so supportive, and through this fitness program I have more peeps — our coaches are so great at pushing us to do ore than we think we can, which just makes me so fond of them (especially Jaime, who really thinks I’m pretty strong, and it turns out that I actually am); I am meeting a woman from my fitness group tomorrow morning at 7 AM to do a spin class; I’ve got a new person in my other fitness class who wants to come hiking with me because she joined this regional parks thing that I’m a part of; and it really does begin to feel like I am breaking out of some prisons and have been marking some X’s — or at least the ship, which is heading toward that part of the map where the dragons live, has gone beyond sight of land while I wasn’t looking, while me and my peeps were busy hoisting up a sail.

And I’m hungry. Gotta go.


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