Sorry for the less than great picture, but there were about six goslings being herded around by their parents. They were actually a bit more visible in real life. Here I think you can see one, and he’s pretty camouflaged. Very sweet and very fluffy.

I woke up at three this morning with a cough. I think dust blew in my window, because very soon after I woke up it started to rain and rained for the next three hours or so. It was wonderful. It’s also a bit chilly again.

What should I have for dinner, by the way? We had eggs in purgatory for Easter brunch, and that’s all I really want to eat now. And, by the way, I am hungry.

Okay — I now have to finish up a report so I can get out of here and go pick up my car from the mechanic. It’s fine — a regular service sort of thing.

And in my fitness cult, we had to make up our own exercise plan — like a circuit of exercises. I worked with Caroline. I’m going to miss my fitness friends when this is over. But it was also kind of fun to plan a circuit. I will have to think about this a little more. The question is, should you include something you don’t like but should probably do? I convinced Caroline that we should include lunges with that reasoning. Something to think about.


6 thoughts on “Goslings

  1. When all you want to eat is eggs in purgatory and you can learn how to make them, then that’s what you should do.
    This is why old ladies in retirement homes are never happy with the food. They’re used to being able to fix whatever they want.

  2. Re the exercise, I had a very old yoga instructor (two time survivor of breast cancer and easily in her 70s but you’d never know it to look at her) tell me that we get sore where we are the weakest and not to stick to doing only what we’re good at doing. I took that to heart and it’s why I do so much flexibility work because I am not Gumby.

    • That makes sense to me. I am terrible at things like jumping jacks and jumping up on a step — I think because I weigh a lot — but I’m getting better at them, and i’m also making a point to practice them. Also, the dreaded plank.

      • Oh I love to hate planks. But they are good for me and they’re in my yoga workouts which I’m committed to doing for the flexibility. I don’t want to be that woman who turns her entire torsos to look left and right, you know?

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