The South


Surprisingly nice down there!


I think I might go back. It turns out they have summer there (in April, even). Also it’s possible there are people there who would be willing to go on microadventures with me.

Granted, it may no longer be a microadventure if you have to drive 7 hours to do it. But it may be the closest I can come.

Also, my brother is incredibly patient with my mother. When she asks a question that appears, on the fact of it, to be ridiculous, he just answers it calmly — even if it’s a question I would need to beat back with a flaming broom because it verges on prying. Interesting. It may be that he’s male and I’m female. It may be that he’s the baby, and less annoyed by prying.

In any case, it made me think. Both that maybe I should try to be more patient and less annoyed. Maybe. And also it may have some bearing on why my oldest daughter seems to be more prickly than the youngest. Interesting.

Okay, I’m starving now.

We saw the Oldest’s best friend from high school. She lives there. That was very fun, and now I miss that oldest prickly daughter more than ever. Photographic evidence on the tome de visages reveals that she’s been hiking in the Andes and seems very happy — so that’s good.

4 thoughts on “The South

  1. I’ve only been to San Diego twice; the first time was with Kent, who ran the Rock & Roll Marathon there in 2002. The second time was for a client’s annual convention and both times I just loved the area. I’m sure the meteorologists want to die from boredom, but I found the weather absolutely lovely.

    Sounds like you had a grand time after all 😀

  2. I once entertained thoughts of moving to Coronado. And then I looked at real estate prices. But it is a lovely area to visit, for sure.

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