Point Reyes


So, my 10 week fitness program is in its final week. It’s been great. I’ve been inching toward a fitter life for a few years, now — I’ve been hiking for quite a while, and I started lifting weights with old people (in a minor kind of way) a few years ago — but this program convinced me that it was possible to do all kinds of stuff that I really thought was too hard for me. For the final test, I ran a mile (I have not run a mile in probably 25 years). But that is not all! I can do a pushup or two, now (lots, if I do the knee kind). Anyway, it’s kind of fantastic.

Part of the cult protocol is that you have to celebrate your accomplishments. In a fit of madness, I’d signed up a while ago to go on a bird-song hike. On a Tuesday. In Point Reyes. It was nuts — to drive off at the crack of dawn on a work day to go listen to birds, but I’m so glad I did. It felt like a celebration for all the hard work I’ve put in over the course of ten weeks. I’m so much fitter, now, and what better way to celebrate that than by clambering around ouside, on trails and off trails, looking at and listening to stuff? It was great.

And that, above, is the San Andreas fault —

5 thoughts on “Point Reyes

  1. How harmless the San Andreas fault looks. I salute your fitness success and feel I should do more in that direction myself. I saw my back in a mirror the other day. It seems that is where I carry my weight. Ugh.

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