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I broke a bone in my right hand!

This is a nuisance, although it already feels better. i have to go to the hand dr this afternoon. i hope he will not make it feel worse.

i also had several cavities filled this morning.

it’s been some week. apparently mercury is in retrograde.

thank god georgette heyer was so prolific. i read Venetia last night — it’s the best one yet. here is why —

  • i really love venetia. she knows what she thinks and what she wants. i love that she’s so matter of fact. she gets who people are — like Audrey, who’s selfish but forthright, or Conway, who’s just selfish, or, of course, Dameral.
  • it was kind of a relief to have a somewhat tarnished hero for a change.
  • I particularly liked that Venetia solved the whole thing, overruling the butt-inskis.
  • i liked the message that even tarnished people were redeemable — that it was ok to live in a way that society found bad, and that there was more than one perfectly fine way to live. Also, that for people slightly smarter than the average bear, you might find yourself on the outside. That venetia did not have to live exactly by the rules.

Long weekend — the aftermath


We found these pretty flowers in Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve, which is a park in Oakland. It is lovely, and has lots of plants — we saw irises and a columbine and currants — as well as lots of poison oak.


Oh, look, I even photographed some poison oak, in the lower right corner.

It’s everywhere.

Anyway, it really was a nice weekend, and now I am back at work and having a very hard time attempting to be productive.

I think I’ll go have lunch — I am sure that after lunch it will be easy to get started.


(Also, it’s freezing here. Good thing I have still not found all my summer clothes.)

weekend plans


What will I do with this exquisite three-day weekend?

  • Continue my quest to read every novel Georgette Heyer ever wrote. Absolutely.
  • Go for a hike — most likely.
  • Go running (ugh) or swimming (likely).
  • Barbecue stuff with friends? Hooray!
  • Go outside my house and assess the horrible state of the yard? Oh god, I should.
  • Mail packages to youngest member — I should do that too.
  • Look through the piles of reading material in the living room for overdue library materials? Yes, yes, yes.

You have a good weekend, too!