Suddenly I feel too busy. The fitness thing has picked up again — I went swimming last night and rode my bike to work this morning. That is all great, but also kind of consuming. I’m going to have to miss part of my workout tomorrow for a social commitment. It’s a fun social commitment, and yet I am worried that I’ll fall behind because I’m missing a workout. I’m an old person — it’s a lot of effort to get in shape again. All I have time for is work, exercise, sleep and eating. Okay, this is nuts. Also, my book group meets tonight. Life is too complicated.

Things are too complicated at work, too. One person went out unexpectedly and it’s unclear when she’ll return. Suddenly I have to figure out all kinds of new stuff. Aside from the part about the person going out, which is bad, this is good for me. It’s all stuff I should really know how to do anyway, and it’s bothered me for years that I don’t. Now is my big chance, but it feels overwhelming.

Word comes from the girls. They’re doing well — M likes her classes and is making a trip to Nova Scotia at the end of the week. (I want to go to Nova Scotia!) N sounds settled in again (she’s in Peru) and is getting a puppy. But talking to them reminds me of unsettled vacation plans which need to be made and nailed down with airline tickets.


All right. Time to stop feeling overwhelmed and just do stuff — any stuff.

On the plus side, swimming felt wonderful last night. I’d forgotten how great it feels to glide through the water. Riding my bike, too — I dragged it out of the basement, brushed off the cobwebs and pumped up the tires. Riding to work this morning felt like flying. It’s bike-to-work day, and I ran into one of my coaches at the table where they were handing out swag — so that was fun.

4 thoughts on “Thistle

  1. Your choice of picture made me chuckle. I’m not doing a fraction of what you are doing, but I feel the prickle of that thistle mentally too as the days fill up.

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