weekend plans


What will I do with this exquisite three-day weekend?

  • Continue my quest to read every novel Georgette Heyer ever wrote. Absolutely.
  • Go for a hike — most likely.
  • Go running (ugh) or swimming (likely).
  • Barbecue stuff with friends? Hooray!
  • Go outside my house and assess the horrible state of the yard? Oh god, I should.
  • Mail packages to youngest member — I should do that too.
  • Look through the piles of reading material in the living room for overdue library materials? Yes, yes, yes.

You have a good weekend, too!


4 thoughts on “weekend plans

  1. Georgette Heyer – this is a laudable ambition – go for it. As it happens I will be near her London home tomorrow.
    Hike/Run/Swim – I will not be doing any of these things or anything that involves being a responsible parent.
    Overdue library books – do they not email you to tell you? It’s a savage world Stateside.
    Have a fab weekend.

    • Alice! I miss you so!
      They did email, but I forgot to email back, and now I really do have to find the things and return them. Which would be good — I’d be happy to get them out of my living room anyway.
      I am also tired of being a responsible parent — I wish they would stop leaving their socks at my house and then needing me to mail them on.

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