Long weekend — the aftermath


We found these pretty flowers in Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve, which is a park in Oakland. It is lovely, and has lots of plants — we saw irises and a columbine and currants — as well as lots of poison oak.


Oh, look, I even photographed some poison oak, in the lower right corner.

It’s everywhere.

Anyway, it really was a nice weekend, and now I am back at work and having a very hard time attempting to be productive.

I think I’ll go have lunch — I am sure that after lunch it will be easy to get started.


(Also, it’s freezing here. Good thing I have still not found all my summer clothes.)

6 thoughts on “Long weekend — the aftermath

  1. Is poison oak like poison ivy? ie does it bring people out in a rash? We don’t have either of those things but we do have stinging nettles and they really hurt for days.

    • Yes, very similar, and unlike nettles, you don’t know you’ve touched it until the next day. And it can last a while. I don’t get it, luckily, but apparently the more you’re exposed to it the worse the reaction.

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