still broken


so the hand is still broken. i had surgery a week ago, so i’ve got five more weeks until it’s healed. i have to say it’s a big nuisance.

in other news, it’s finally summer here. for a week, anyway.

and i’m feeling kind of mopey.

also v. hungry. perhaps the knitting of bones require calories? or maybe it’s just the emotional distress.

i think it’s also that it’s just harder to eat. i can’t open jam jars, for instance, or spread butter, and who wants dry toast?

speaking of which, it’s time for lunch.


7 thoughts on “still broken

  1. I have been known to scrape toast against butter to save getting a knife out. I wouldn’t normally confess to this in public but you are in need. Also we are only having something approximating to summer on alternate days. The rest of the time the heating has to go back on in the evening.

    • what a good idea! hmm. but the jam? we’re not having summer, either, but then we never do — plus my garden is a weed-filled desert, since i cant do anything and we’re having a drought. hmph

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