Happy summer


All of a sudden it feels like summer.

I’ve still got this blasted cast on my arm. It’s such a hindrance! I can’t swim. It’s completely messing with my exercise routine –although there are still things I can do. I can’t garden. Everything I can do takes at least 50% more time than it would otherwise . . .

But I guess I should not complain. It could certainly be worse. A full body cast would be way worse, for instance.

The other thing, though, is the way that not being able to type kind of means I can’t really think. So there’s not a lot of thinking going on here.

Which maybe is okay for summer.

I finished rereading Regency Buck, which has a really interesting construction, and am on to The Grand Sophy.

I’ve been watching a lot of the World Cup.

I’ve given up on eating much — it’s just too hard.

I’ve got two summer conferences to go to — and am seriously regretting I said I’d go to either — What kind of profession makes you go to conferences in summer when you really should be napping by the lake?

All right, then, I’ve got stuff to do. Stuff that will take me way longer than it ought to . . .



6 thoughts on “Happy summer

  1. All my professional conferences are in the summer. I think because campuses (where many are held) are empty of students. Or the rates are cheaper or something. I’m not going to any this year. Hope you can find a little fun at yours.

  2. I only have a bad cold in the head and feel way sorrier for myself than I have any right to. It’s summer at last and I want everything perfect. So I am very sorry about your cast, even though it’s pink.

  3. You ask: “What kind of profession makes you go to conferences in summer when you really should be napping by the lake?”

    Is that a rhetorical question?

    What kind of profession indeed!

    At least you’ll be sporting a spiffy pink cast if you’re going to SF this weekend! Have some fun!

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