Well, then


I believe I may have mentioned that I’m attending a conference this weekend. It just happens to be local this year, which is why I’m going. Well, also I’m going to check it out and see if I prefer this organization to the one I usually go to, which meets in the middle of July.

There’s not a lot of money in my profession, which is why we meet in the middle of summer when smart people are lolling about in hammocks. We generally assemble in some steamy town and sweat a alot.

Anyway, I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed, which explains why I was up from 2-5 this morning worrying. The upside is that I planned out my schedule, which I had somehow been unable to do before. The downside is that there’s a session this afternoon that I’m going to have a hard time staying awake for.


Furthermore, I think it’s time for lunch. You know what I really want? A grilled cheese sandwich. How odd. I don’t think i can have one, but that sounds really good.

Okay. That’s it.


One thought on “Well, then

  1. Why could you not have grilled cheese? I recommend toasted pimento cheese. It’s a southern food from my childhood that has gotten popular in the last few years.

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