Some plans

So, apparently, and unbelievably, I am about to do this, on a bicycle.


I can’t really believe it either. I am happy it’s a couple weeks away, and believe me, I am enjoying the hell out of every night remaining that I get to sleep in my own bed.

Here’s the plan. K and M and I fly to Minnesota. We drive to North Dakota, where we have a small graveside ceremony for my grandmother (with the rest of my family), then drive back to Minnesota, to a lake resort near where I spent every summer as a kid. It’s not my lake, or my lake cottage, for that matter, but I am a little excited. I loved spending summers at the lake.

After a few days, M and I fly north to meet M’s boyfriend, A, and then we set out for points north.

I am having a hard time believing that this will really happen, but it seems, as we move forward, that it will.


Hey again!

The pins came out, and the hand’s in a splint now, which I can remove to shower or even just to look at my hand! I’m not supposed to use my pinky too much, so that’s a little weird, but I think in a week or so I can.

So that is pretty exciting. Right?

Reading Station Eleven, which I like a lot. Nearly done, and I don’t really know how it will all wrap up.

That is all.

(My hand is so happy to be able to feel things again! I think I am not a person who would enjoy a sensory deprivation tank very much.)


I was so looking forward to getting the stupid pins out of my hand today, but the doctor wasn’t in, so I have to go back tomorrow.

And that’s two hours out of my day, by the time I get there and back.

It’s a nuisance.

Nearly there, but I want my arm back. I feel like it’s going to take forever to use my arm, hand, and fingers again, and I want to get started.