Some plans

So, apparently, and unbelievably, I am about to do this, on a bicycle.


I can’t really believe it either. I am happy it’s a couple weeks away, and believe me, I am enjoying the hell out of every night remaining that I get to sleep in my own bed.

Here’s the plan. K and M and I fly to Minnesota. We drive to North Dakota, where we have a small graveside ceremony for my grandmother (with the rest of my family), then drive back to Minnesota, to a lake resort near where I spent every summer as a kid. It’s not my lake, or my lake cottage, for that matter, but I am a little excited. I loved spending summers at the lake.

After a few days, M and I fly north to meet M’s boyfriend, A, and then we set out for points north.

I am having a hard time believing that this will really happen, but it seems, as we move forward, that it will.



8 thoughts on “Some plans

  1. Well-*that* sounds like quite a trip! (or trips!) Better take some bug repellent, no? 🙂
    We’ll expect 500 words or more on “How I spent my summer vacation” o.k.?
    hope it’s a blast!

      • YES! I do!
        But I’m going to be taking the kids up to see my 95 yr. old Dad in Portland and cousins in Vancouver… likely in the window when you’ll be riding!
        I’m sure there’s an app. for the bear(s) by now–or am I?
        Hope it’s a blast!

  2. oh you’re all over this–you’re in shape from your spring class, so just ride every day until you go and you’ll be set! :-0

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